Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Picture of my box

Geometry 2D and 3D shapes
In Room 14 we have been learning to
- Identify shapes in nets by unpacking boxes and drawing around shapes
- Use nets to make 3D shapes

This is my picture of my net and we can put it together.
1. first get a peace of paper,pencil, rubber,ruler & scissors
2. Now you draw the box you want but make sure you put your tabs.
3. Now you can cut that out,fold the tabs & fold where the lines are.
4. Now you can put it together.
 This is my box right here


  1. Well done! It's great that you put instructions on here so others can make a box like this.

  2. Why do you need tabs?

  3. Well done Chydelle!
    I like the way you did your instuctions.
    Maybe next time don't get the Ipad in the way.

  4. Awesome work. I like how you added instructions! When you first made it how did the net look like?

  5. Wow!I can see you put a lot of work into the instructions.
    Maybe next time you could just have the box no other back round pictures.
    What did your net look like at the start?