Monday, 25 November 2013

The Grand Old Tree

The grand old tree is about a tree that dies and the tree is a home to lots of creatures. the grand old tree was a bird nest on the top of the tree.
This is the story about the grand old tree.
the grand old tree
by Mary newell delpate.

Once there was a grand old tree.
her roots sank deep into the earth,her arms reached high into the sky.
she was home to many creatures.
bird nested among her branches,squirrels scurried through her leaves,caterpillars and ladybugs crawled about.
the grand old tree flowered.
bore fruit,and sowed seeds.
she had many children.
they changed the landscape for miles around,perhaps even farther than the old tree knew.
the grand old tree lived a long,long time.
she basked in the sun,bathed in the rain,swayed in the breeze,and danced in the wind.
she grew and shed.......many millions of leaves.
at last ,the grand old tree.